Non League football supporter, Butter Pie aficionado, Northern Soul lover,
Champion of Supporters rights & fan ownership 

The extended ramblings of Chorley Mon


I'm Chorley Mon. That is "mon" as in variant of  "man" in English dialect; particularly Lancashire. Definitely not "Mon" as in the ethnic group hailing from the Mon state of Burma. I initially set up my Twitter account @Chorley_Mon as an anonymous sounding board, but in Chorley there is no anonymity. The fact I then started hanging a 5' flag with the logo you see at the top of this page at non league grounds in the EvoStik League and Conference North kind of ruined my short lived foray into the world of nameless micro blogging. The final nail in my coffin of anonymity was when someone replied to one of my tweets by using my first name. I must say I felt somewhat violated by this and considered it to be rather against the "spirit of Twitter", but I'm over it now.